The Wake Forest Salamanca Neuroscience offers STEM students the opportunity to study science at one of the leading neuroscience institutes in Europe. Students on the program are enrolled at the Neuroscience Institute at the University of Salamanca (INCyL), site of cutting-edge research in areas ranging from Parkinson’s Disease to regenerative medicine to cell therapy. The University has been designated an International University of Excellence in the Teaching of the Biological Sciences and of Spanish as a Second Language.

The program, which runs during spring semesters, includes guided visits to culturally and academically relevant locations around Spain, including neuroscience institutes along with visits to different sites around the historic university city of Salamanca.

Students pay current Wake Forest tuition and housing fees. This covers the total cost of the program including tuition and fees, room, laundry, books, all group activities (including excursions), airfare, and internet. Students are responsible for all meals, visa fees, additional travel, and other personal expenses.